Friday, April 10, 2020

$1 One Dollar + Mail Art Fundraiser 2020

CVLA $1 One Dollar + Mail Art Fundraiser 2020

Cilla Vee Life Arts is eternally grateful for your continuing financial support. Without which most of our projects would not be possible.
In 2019 you funded a whole spring and summer season of touring and events that included artists in New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Cyprus, Israel and Serbia - as well as our local Asheville talent.

This year we are running our annual $1 ONE DOLLAR FUNDRAISER as usual.
However … we are adding something a little bit different.
Over the years, we have received some very interesting MAIL ART along with your donations – so let’s go ahead and make it a THING!


1.     Take a $1 One Dollar bill (or several)
2.    Make some art
3.    Put them in an envelope
4.    Mail to:
Cilla Vee Life Arts
65 Coleman Avenue
Asheville NC 28801

If EVERYONE on the mailing list does this, we will receive almost 2000 contributions from all over the world!

For larger $ donations:

If contributing between $10 - $200, it is advisable to use the DONATION BUTTON on the Cilla Vee Life Arts website: 

If not using USA Dollars, this is also the most convenient mode.

Or write a check –
Make out to: Claire E Barratt – with CVLA Fundraiser in the memo line.

If you wish to contribute over $200, please contact us directly for alternative non-fee methods of payment:

(and you can also send some mail art too!)

All MAIL ART will be shared on a virtual platform for all to see!

Brenda Flanagan
Alan Wood
Y Sok
Norman Magden
Diana and Richard Brewster
Greg Congleton
Pat and Paul Jamie
Angela Suescun-Lampe
Martin Day
Catherine Mehrl Bennett
Margaret Hart
James Bailey
John Roche
Matt Peiken
Robert and Arlene Winkler
Russ and Lesley Howell
Joe Burgio
Colleen Hannush
Antonio Gonzalez
Colby Caldwell
Linda Larsen
Cambria Storms
John and Kathleen Frey 
Lara and Nathan Hanson
Susanna Carlisle and Bruce Hamilton
Chloe Harnett-Hargrove
And my Dad – David Barratt

For your generous contributions to 2019 fundraisers.
(if you donated to CVLA in the last year and don’t see your name here, please send a reminder!)

Please see the CVLA Newsletter Spring 2020 for a report of the 2019 season your contributions supported:

This year, donations will go towards supporting and maintaining Cilla Vee Life Arts during this difficult COVID-19 time.
A whole spring 2020 season of exciting events has been cancelled – including a big gala event at the Asheville Art Museum and a Festival of New Dance produced by Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre, as well as Black Mountain College Museum’s annual {Re}Happening.
We are still hoping some of our Summer Tour plans can continue, but it remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, we are making the most of the time to focus on ADMINISTRATION. We have a wonderful new Admin. Assistant – Chloe Harnett-Hargrove, who is a talented young graphic artist, designer and writer.
Administration may not be the “glamorous” side of a performing arts organization – however, it is the nuts and bolts and requires many thankless hours of work. Your contributions will be put to good use and the rewards will blossom in future projects.

Thank you again for your support.

And we are excited to see your mail art!!!

Claire Elizabeth Barratt
CVLA Director

Chloe Harnett-Hargrove
CVLA Administration

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Cilla Vee Life Arts Fundraising

Greetings and welcome to the Cilla Vee Life Arts FUNDRAISING site!

This is where we will list our current fundraisers and provide information and links for contributions.

Cilla Vee Life Arts is an international interdisciplinary arts organization established by Claire Elizabeth Barratt (aka Cilla Vee) in the Bronx NY in 2002.
Asheville NC has been our base since 2007 where we enjoy the local vibrant art scene.

Information about Cilla Vee Life Arts can be found here:
As well as recent information in our annual Newsletter here:

Thank you for checking in with us and watch this space!


DEADLINE: AUGUST 15th !!! Have you sent your MAIL ART yet ???